Our Company

MORE THAN TOY What Toytron aims is not just making toys,
but make children better and creative with our toys.

Playing with our toys, children will get feelings of warmth,
make their own stories, and have a lot of fun.

Toys at Toytron are more than just toys.

Since it was established in 1999, Toytron has always made toys that
help improve children’s cognitive and emotional development.


We hope to be one of the most beloved
toymakers in the world.
We hope our toys to be the seeds of love spreading around the world.
Toytron will continue to make toys until all the children over the world get one of our toys and have the experience of learning through play.
As a part of their lives, our toys will help children develop creativity with which they can make the world a better place when they grow up.

Company Information

Company Name Toytron Inc.
President Grace, Bae
Established October 1st, 1999
Registered Address 236, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Institutes in Affiliation Creativity Development Institute, Design Development Institute


Institutes in Affiliation: Creativity Development Institute, Design Development Institute


Company History

2018.03Toytron was Awarded minister prize as an Exemplary Taxpayer by MOSF.
2018.02'Future Coding - Coding Pet' was awarded by Korea Toy Association.
2017.11'Little Futurebook' was awarded as a Global Masterpiece Product by KIDP.
2017.08Toytron started distributing infant educational toy brand, 'K’s Kids'.
2017.05Toytron launched coding toy brand 'Future Coding'.
2017.03Toytron launched 'Dream Girls', DIY brand for fashionable girls.
2016.12Toytron launched Mom’s Dream, toys for infants and toddlers that make moms comfortable and babies happy.
2016.10Toytron launched Hooray Art, arts and crafts sets.
2016.07Toytron started distributing Smithsonian, traditional science kits.
2016.05Toytron opened Design Development Institute.
2015.03Toytron opened Creativity Development Institute.
2014.09Toytron launched Harp, toys withheartwarming stories.
2013.06Toytron applied for a patent on the instructional reading book set.
2012.10Toytron launched Little Futurebook, character reading pens.
2011.10Toytron launched Charming Girls, DIY toys that encourage children to pursue their dreams.
2011.10Toytron launched Cloud Bread, character licensed plush toys.
2010.08Toytron started distributing HappyTogether; family board games.
2008.09Toytron started distributing Sylvanian Families, collectible toys with which children can make their own stories.
2008.09Toytron launched Futurebook, an interactive learning system that helps children develop active reading habits.
2006.04Toytron launched Dalimi,premium role play toys.
2004.11Toytron launched Huskies & Spanie, electronic plush pet toys.
2003.10Toytron developed and exported Charpy, voice recognition toys for English education.
2000.12Toytron launched Terry the Puppy Car, voice recognition toys.
1999.11Toytron launched Popo, electronic toys.
1999.10Toytron Inc. was established.

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